My time with the Sphinx

The second time I returned to Egypt I came with a cassette tape player (remember those?) that I had transferred eight tracks from my eight track reel to reel Fostex recorder used for music recording. Those eight tracks each had a unique frequency that I had recorded using a special sine wave generator that I borrowed from the telecommunications company I worked for.

My plan, right out of an Indiana Jones movie, was to play the frequencies around the base of the sphinx at night. I theorized that this might open a secret entrance to the “Hall of Records” that Edgar Cayce spoke of in trance. These records were of the Atlantean Civilization. A civilization that was coming to an end soon. Its end due primarily to the miss use of advanced technologies having to do with frequencies, stars, and very large crystals. These power stations were said to be located in at least two places on the planet — one off Bimini. This area is the Bermuda triangle . A place where boats and airplanes have often gone missing without a trace. I digress.

So, one dark night I crept over to the Sphinx and began to play my tape of frequencies as I walked around it. Alas, I was interrupted by a guard and had to leave. Life would have been quite different I suppose if I had discovered it. Maybe in some parallel reality I am living the life of the discover of the Hall of Records. Or maybe I would have never found my way out. Life is just a lot of choices.