The Yin & Yang of Covid-19

Someone is lying. Someone is lying about the virus and I am not sure who is lying but I know someone is lying. So, without the certainty of omnipotence, here is my simplified analysis.

Let’s begin with the Yin — the feminine. In my view this is the better outcome. In this scenario the virus in its mutations is becoming more and more benign. We, collectively, are developing a herd immunity. That makes sense because more and more people are testing positive without having had any noticeable symptoms. In this scenario we soon will be going happily back to our social ways with gratitude.

Now for the Yang — the male. In this outcome we are in major trouble. The virus is the result of experiments in the Wuhan Level Four Biological Research Laboratory and escaped or was released. This man-made virus contains more than just a corona virus (like a cold virus), it contains other virulent substances and is engineered to have gain of function properties. Without going into the biology in detail, let’s just say it was designed to be deadly and spread.

There is one more detail that must be addressed and it is happening regardless of the Yin or the Yang and that is that this crisis is being used to create legislation that will forever lessen the freedoms we have become used to enjoying. One way our freedoms will erode is through contact tracing which is being instituted throughout the country. Contact tracing has the potential to end all privacy and act as a body that enforces conformity by having draconian policing powers. And, the worse case scenario ends in mandatory vaccination with serious consequences for those who refuse and serious consequences for those that consent.

Let’s root, pray, hope, desire, want, imagine and picture a future of health, happiness, peace and security for all of us. This is truly a time to turn all thoughts of fear into hopes and dreams for a healthy and peaceful planet.