A picture says a thousand words

There is a big problem with images and their interaction with the subconscious mind. I was just glancing at my wife’s phone this evening and there was a video of a police officer punching a man who was laying on the ground. It was violent. My wife told me it was a man having a seizure and was trying to explain it to the police officer.

That moment of watching reminded me that I have been planning to write about images and the subconscious mind. This is why I have left Facebook and don’t access my Instagram app very often.

The subconscious mind is kind of like a video camera recording everything that goes on in your life and storing it. Unlike a video camera, it also records and store the emotions you feel. You might say all that you have ever experienced is stored on some cosmic hard drive that is all about you.

Media: television, computers, phones, tablets, internet, social media and printed material; they all function in ways that can be quite unhealthy for you. You might be absent mindedly scrolling through Facebook and you think the images you see and are uninteresting are not affecting you — but they are. They are all messages going to your subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is not like your conscious mind, and whenever your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in conflict, guess which of these minds wins? The winner is the subconscious mind.

So, I have been off social media for a while now and I am finding myself reading more, walking more, contemplating more, and, less interested in television. I can say so many things about television but I would rather you read an article here in my blog about television as it is very detailed. All you really need to know is that when you are watching television you will quickly enter a Alpha brainwave state. Alpha is a light trance state and functions to allow the information on the screen to bypass you conscious reasoning mind. The advertisers know this and have spent billions of dollars to get their images and emotional states into your brain, always implying that you will be so much happier, prettier, more successful, sexier, better liked, more important, and so on. All states of being in lack can be resolved by buying that product. And, oh , if only it would be so.

The mind is like a little pig. What you feed it, it becomes. Give your mind nutritional images attached to good feelings and life gets better. We are in a time where the controllers of the media seem hell bent on stirring up troubling emotions and splitting the country in any manner they can.

Avoid getting your information from the mainstream media and the social networks, they no longer can be trusted. (I checked recently and about every third or fourth Instagram post is an ad and that is about the same with Facebook — images and videos into your subconscious mind) You are the product they harvest and sell. Your likes and your dislikes are just mega data sold to corporations and used by the government to keep tabs on you. It is a powerful form of mind control and only you can disconnect yourself from it.

The most damaging thing about scrolling through your feed is the emotional toll it takes consciously and subconsciously.